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For Providers

We extend the highest level of gratitude to other professionals who value the integration of physical and mental health for optimal wellbeing. We are available to serve your patients and fulfill their mental health needs through both psychotherapy and psychological evaluation. 

Dr. Smith thrives on collaboration and asks that you provide as much information as possible so that the patients feel at ease in a streamlined process. Our model is to offer compassionate service to individuals who may be hesitant to reach out to a mental health professional. 


To make a provider-to-provider referral for therapy or testing you can follow one of the following steps:

  1. Preferred method: Complete the fillable form below and transmit via secure email to

  2. Send your own practice referral form via our secure fax to 866-573-0780.

  3. Call or email us directly at 501-271-8121

  4. Complete the printable referral form below. 

Medical Team

Provider Referral Form

Smiling Mature Man
I have known Dr. Smith for over 14 years as a colleague and friend. We met on internship, and I have had the privilege of seeing her work at a hospital, join a group practice, and become a business owner. Dr. Smith is extremely intelligent, talented, and genuine. You are fortunate indeed if you have the opportunity to know her and work with her. 

Colleague Testimonial

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