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Psychological Testing

Girl at the female therapist

”You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed.

And, you are beautiful.”

~ Amy Bloom

Psychological Testing & Evaluation

Psychological testing and assessments are necessary when you, your educational institution, or your medical provider would like to know more about your functioning, how you may be affected by factors that are related to mental health, and to decide what treatment is best for you.


The process involves an in-depth evaluation comprised of three parts:

  1. An initial interview

  2. A testing session using questionnaires and tests specific to your concerns

  3. A meeting to discuss the test findings and give you feedback and suggestions. 

Psychological Testing For

  • Dementia Screening

  • Pre-Surgical Evaluation (pain procedure, bariatric surgery, organ transplant evaluation)

  • Adult Autism 

  • Learning Disability 

  • ADHD Testing (all ages)

  • Diagnostic Clarification

  • Police Candidacy

  • Emotional Support Animals

ADHD_CCSP Certification Badge.png
Happy Senior Couple
Testing with Dr. Smith confirmed some personality traits I suspected. This knowledge gives me insights into past and current behaviors. It also gives us “touchstones” when discussing current issues. I continue to see Dr. Smith through telehealth.  My second anniversary is coming in February.

Client Testimonial

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